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Admissions Policy

For the safety and enjoyment of all our visitors, please note and adhere to the following Park rules:

  • This is a strictly a no smoking site: There is a designated smoking area across the bridge, opposite the main entrance. Please use the ashtrays provided as cigarette butts can pollute the river and disturb wildlife.
  • Children under 17 must be accompanied by a supervising adult at all times within the park.
  • Children must be accompanied at all times and must be supervised by a responsible adult. Parents and guardians know their child's capabilities and behaviour best and should ensure an appropriate level of supervision to reflect this.
  • No wheels (scooters, bikes, Heelies, roller skates/blades, skate boards etc) please in any area of the Park. Buggies, prams and wheelchairs are welcome.
  • Guide dogs only in the Park. There is a dog walking area near the park, ask our staff for details.
  • After handling our animals, please ensure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, especially before consuming food. Wash stations are situated throughout the Park.
  • All play equipment is used solely at your own risk. Please read and adhere to safety signs before using any of our equipment.
  • Puxton Ltd advise bringing socks, long sleeved tops and trousers for children wishing to use the play equipment. These items can be bought on reception at the time of your visit (if stock is available).  We recommended to bring wellies in the winter months and a sun hat and sun cream in the sunnier summer months. These are all available from the Farm Shop on your visit (if stock is available). A change of clothes might be advisable if you wish to use any water activities.
  • Un-acceptable or anti-social behaviour shall lead to immediate expulsion from the Park, without a refund. Members of our staff will not tolerate abusive behaviour or violence from any member of the public (adult, teenager or child). You may be removed from the premises without a refund, banned from returning and/or the Police will be called.
  • If using a camera to record your time with us, please respect the privacy of other members of the public.
  • Puxton Park Ltd shall not be liable for the loss, theft, damage or otherwise of personal belongings, either on the Park or in the car parks.
  • CCTV cameras are in operation and all images are recorded for the purposes of prevention of crime and the safeguarding of children 

We thank you for your co-operation.

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