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Puxton Park Falconry Centre
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Come to the Puxton Park Falconry Centre and enjoy the thrills and excitement of the ancient art of falconry.. With over 15 different breeds of birds and run by Falconer Gary Lawrence (himself with over 28 years of experience), this unique opportunity will allow you to view these beautiful birds of prey up close in a natural environment.

The team at Puxton Park Falconry centre are passionate about promoting conservation and the history of falconry and here at the centre we not only aim to educate visitors but give them a greater insight and understanding of birds of prey. We hope that by raising public awareness of the needs and habitats of birds of prey through centres such as ours, we can all play a part in the preservation of these fine creatures to enrich the lives of future generations.
Gary, our skilled falconer will explain why the birds hunt and fly as they do, where they come from in the wild and how they are trained and you will discover first-hand what makes these magnificent creatures masters of the skies. Our twilight zone also offers a real fun hands-on experience with our owl master every weekend and school holidays at 2pm for 30-45 minutes for only £1!

Head over to our arena to watch our daily displays offering the rare chance to see Eagles, Falcons, Hawks and Owls as they swoop, dive and soar through the sky or get up close with a falconry experience. These excellent and unusual gifts can provide you with some hands on experience if you are just starting out in falconry, or can just add a bit of extra enjoyment to your day out at Puxton Park!

* Hawk Walk - £20 per person. Discount for 4 or more people.
* Experience Days - Discount for 2 or more people.
  Half Day - £50
  Full Day - £90
* 5 Day In-depth Falconry Course - £400 per person. Discount for 2 or more people.

* Hunting Days Oct - Feb - POA

* Birthday Parties - £40 per hour, 15 children. £2 per extra child.

* School Groups - £40 per hour, Maximum 20 children.

To book, or for any enquiries, please email or call: Gary Lawrence


Tel: 07738282346
Birds of prey were very much protected in the middle ages and have helped man throughout the centuries although sadly, we have not always been kind to them. The farming fraternity in the 50' and 60's (with the introduction of modern agriculture and use of toxic chemicals) caused major damage to the native birds of prey, almost totally wiping out the entire population of Peregrine Falcons and other birds of prey in certain areas. At Puxton Park we are doing our utmost to reverse these trends through our dedicated conservation and education programme.