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Rules of Admission

For the safety and enjoyment of all our visitors, please note and adhere to the following Park rules:

This is a strictly a No Smoking site: There is a designated smoking area across the bridge,opposite the main entrance.
We are sorry but we are unable to let single MEN OR WOMEN without children into the park. If you are here to meet someone let one of our reception staff know and they will happily do a tannoy announcement asking them to come and meet you in reception.

Children must be accompanied at all times and must be supervised by a responsible adult. Parents and guardians know their child's capabilities and behaviour best and should ensure an appropriate level of supervision to reflect this.

Please no wheels scooters, Heelies, roller skates/blades, skate boards etc in any area of the Park.

Please no dogs, as they can upset our animals. Assistance dogs are welcome.

Animals can carry bugs that can be harmful to us. After handling our animals, please ensure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, especially before consuming food.

All play equipment is used solely at your own risk.

Socks must be worn at all times in the soft play area, this includes the bouncy pillow and trampolines outside, please note that these fabrics can get extremely hot in the summer months. As can the tarmac paths for tender little feet. Due to the speed of slides in the soft play area it is recommended that you wear long sleeved trousers and tops, as friction burns can occur.

Un-acceptable or anti-social behaviour shall lead to immediate expulsion from the Park,without a refund.

If using a camera to record your time with us, please respect the privacy of other members of the public.

Puxton Park Ltd shall not be liable for the loss, theft, damage or otherwise of personal belongings, either on the Park or in the car parks.

CCTV cameras are in operation and all images are recorded.

Members of our staff will not tolerate abusive behaviour or violence from any member of the public (adult, teenager or child). You may be removed from the premises without a refund, banned from returning and/or the Police will be called.

(We recommended to bring wellies in the winter months and a sun hat and sun cream in the sunnier summer months, perhaps even a change of clothes for our paddling pools, and other water activities i.e boating lake and water walkers)

We thank you for your co-operation.

Please enjoy our park and we welcome your feedback.